How to Attract Clients and build your Real Estate Photography business


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Photography: How to Shoot Real Estate


Pricing: The Biggest Danger You'll Face


Marketing: 9 Things You Need to Know


Your Business: How to Transform It

Creating a successful photography business is hard work.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get some tips and advice on shooting, pricing and marketing from someone that's been there before? That's exactly what you get inside this free video course for photographers like you who are involved in real estate, architectural and commercial photography.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

  • Photography
    The pros and cons of different methods of photography.
  • Photoshop Actions 
    We've got free Photoshop actions to help you with blending of images, and one of the best Photoshop sky replacement actions you can find.
  • Marketing
    9 things every photographer needs to know if they want to run their marketing like a boss.
  • Pricing
    How to get your prices right so you can maximize your profit margins.

What Others Are Saying:

"Darryl, Unreal video!! (I will watch it multi-X times). ... I appreciate the work you put in to provide everyone with a great worksheet; keeping focus on the bottom line. Looking forward to your Marketing tutorial.

"Great information. Very useful. Much appreciated. Can't wait for the info from other videos. Keep up the great instruction!"

"Very helpful video. I'm just learning and like your comparison of the pros and cons of the different methods and your explanations of each. I had been getting too many bits and pieces of different methods which was confusing me. Your video helped me sort it all out!"

"Very interesting tips thanks. I have been doing real estate photography since 2002 and have developed my own way of combining flash with a good fusion technique, but had not thought of using layers in the way you suggest. I will now have a go. Thanks again."

"Awesome. just found you on the internet. One of the best finds have I found in a long time. ... This video was an awesome tool for me. Thank you for the actions and the worksheet. Kindly appreciated

"Darryl, Wow what a great place for someone to start and began the journey to learning Real Estate Photography. This video shows great reference points for someone just starting out and might even jog a old timers noggin. Thanks."

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